Grab the Best Ice Cream Parlours in Jaipur

Jaipur. The amount of heat that our poor souls are subjected to while we are on the cusp of summer and monsoon is unbearable. It’s difficult to avoid the prickling heat of the harsh sun in a city so close to an actual desert. Fortunately for you, this Pink City of India has a plethora of options for chilling while holding the best scoops of ice cream. And one thing we all know is that when your mouth is stuffed with creamy flavours of cold ice topped with nuts and fruits, it’s difficult to be angry at the sun, weather, god, or even your air conditioner.

The scorching heat of Jaipur can be relieved by a single scoop of sinfully delicious and chilled ice cream. Jaipur is known for having some of the best cuisine in the world. It should come as no surprise that this city also offers a wide range of delectable ice creams that will satisfy even the most discerning palates.

You’re ready to take this list of best ice-cream parlours in Jaipur seriously now that we’ve filled your head with thoughts of delectable ice-creams…melting in your hand, making its way straight to the heart and into thy soul…


Naturals Ice Cream

For a long time, Naturals has been spreading joy in the form of fresh-fruit ice creams in Jaipur. And I frequently purchase my favourites from this well-known ice-cream parlour, even when I am not in the mood for one. That’s how fantastic this location is. You’ll come for the Au Natural trend of using fresh fruits and creamy textures, but you’ll stay for the irresistible seasonal delights like Mango, Litchi, Kala Jamun, and more.

Indian ice cream and kulfi falooda

 Indian Ice-Cream & Faluda Kulfi has been running this ice-cream for years, with freshly prepared ice-creams that are not only tasty but also hygienic. The place may not appear to be much, but it has a small menu of delectable ice creams, kulfis, rabdis, and faludas…that usually speak for themselves. I hope to see you there!


Jal Mahal Ice-Cream parlour

The Jal Mahal Ice-Cream Parlour is the king of Jaipur’s ice-cream parlours. True ice-cream junkies frequent this location, which boasts a large and tempting menu of ice-cream cones, sorbets, waffles, ice-cream pizzas, ice-cream cakes, faludas, shakes, and more. This local ice cream parlour in Jaipur is the real deal, with mouthwatering flavours and sugar-free options. Don’t miss out on their ice-cream sodas!


Habitz Ice Cream Parlour

Habitz is known for its wide variety of flavours all over the city of pink, including royal, exotic, fresh fruit, chocolate, and more. The restaurant is reasonably priced and offers a variety of flavour options.


Guddu Softy Corner

 Guddu Softy Corner, which has two locations in Jaipur, is a simple yet delightful little ice-cream parlour that not only serves some of the best ice-cream in the city but also provides an elaborate presentation to please the eyes.

(By : Kavneet Kaur)