Discussion on Human Vices in Literature

Jaipur. As a part of the Bonjour India Festival, the IAS Association Rajasthan organized a talk on ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Questioning Human Vices in Literature’ at Hotel ITC Rajputana. The talk featured French author and film director Philippe Claudel, who is the author of the award-winning book ‘Brodeck’s Report’ in conversation with IAS Literary Secretary, Ms. Mugdha Sinha.

Brodeck’s Report investigates the murder of a mysterious man in an indefinite country just after the war. It is also a historical novel about a camp survivor (Brodeck) and the effect of Nazism.

Author Philippe Claudel in conversation with IAS Literary Secretary Mugdha Sinha

The author talked about how the book explores a plethora of themes with the strong use of imageries, symbolisms and metaphors. The book also interestingly uses animals, landscapes and a number of characters to bring to light the vagaries of the society. The talk concluded with the book lovers asking interesting questions to the author.